Should You be Taking Advice from Tipsters?

Many punters who are just getting into the online betting scene often wonder if it is a good idea to take advice from tipsters. There are many contradicting arguments when it comes to tipsters and their interests. Some believe that if an advisory service was any good, they would simply not need to sell advice in the first place.

On the other hand, statistics show that over 80% of new gamblers fail to make a profit over a long-term period. While backing someone else’s tips does take the fun out of betting, there are a few reasons why the use of an advisory service can be beneficial, at least for some.

Why Tipsters Sell Information?

Let’s start off by looking at why tipsters sell their information. Yes, it is true that these same people can make money from their own bets. What most people don’t realise is that even the best punters win around 54% of the time. From a tipster’s perspective, earning additional revenue by selling information is a great way to boost their income. What punters have to realise is that an advisory service is a business and should be regarded as such.

So why should anyone want to use an advisory service? There can be many reasons why a punter would want to seek advice. For beginners, it is natural to want to follow those who have been in the business a long time. Becoming a successful bettor involves hours of research, planning and evaluation of the markets. Many people simply do not have the time to do the research or get lost in the data. Finding a way through the maze of numbers and stats is difficult and often more of an art form. In such cases, it is easier to seek advice from professionals who constantly keep up to date with the markets, for instance, this tip can also be applied to the players at Gambling CA.

What to Keep in Mind

Before seeking betting advice from a tipster, it is important to research the betting record of the advisory service. If a record is not provided, don’t use the service. It one does exist, make sure that it has been verified by external independent sources. Secondly, never be fooled by the claims of excessive profits. A claim of a 200% profit in a season actually means nothing without knowing the money management strategy. What you should be looking for is the profit over turnover record. Once you get the right numbers, you can decide whether the online betting Australia service would be beneficial to you.

Betting advisory services should always be able to advise a betting price at all times. If the service has a large number of clients, excessive betting on a particular bet will lead to a shortening on price and become a “Bad” bet for others. A professional service can recognise these trends and adjust accordingly. A punter should also weigh up the costs of the advisory fees.

Making the Call

Before using any advisory service, it is best to check the going rate and compare prices. In many cases, punters who place smaller bets will not offset their expenses with their winnings. In other words, the amount you win is not enough to pay for your advisory fees. At the end of the day, using an advisory service can be beneficial if you don’t have the time, skills or inclination to do your own research only if you bets are big enough to offset your fees.