More about Sports Betting Bonuses vs Lower Juices

When you’re choosing an online bookmaker for your sports betting, there are several points to consider. The promotions that are offered are just one factor, but they can make a big difference to your overall experience. The specific deals vary between sites, and the key to finding the ones with the best value for you lies in comparing the bonuses to the vigorish that is offered.

How Do Bonuses Work?

Generally, sports betting bonuses fall into two categories: free bets and deposit bonuses. Free bets are awarded when you open an account. these are additional funds that you can use to place wagers on the site. Click here for more deeper details.

The wagers that you place need to satisfy certain conditions, such as meeting minimum odds requirements. You’re not spending your own money, so if you lose it doesn’t really matter. And if you win, you get to keep the profits!

In the case of deposit bonuses, you get a certain percentage of your deposit matched. For instance, a 75% deposit bonus on $200 will get you an additional $150, so you’ll be able to place wagers with $350 in all.

Free bets tend to be smaller than match deposits, but their terms and conditions are much easier to meet. For example, they’ll be open to many more markets, and will be available for a longer time frame. Their wagering requirements – how much you need to bet before you can cash out – are also generally smaller.

What is the Vigorish?

The vigorish, also known as juice and sometimes just called vig, refers to the small commissions that bookmakers take. These are applied to everything from Darts to NHL games. If they’re low, you’re paying less when you bet. To make up for this, sites with small vigs also usually have small bonuses – or sometimes no bonuses at all.

Are Bonuses or Low Juices Better?

If a bookmaker has a standard or high vigorish but also offers an exceptional welcome bonus, you may be willing to accept the vig in order to claim the bonus. However, be sure to check that the operator also offers promotions after the welcome bonus. Otherwise, you may be stuck paying a large commission without any compensatory bonuses.

Low juice, on the other hand, is basically a permanent reward system. And even if a site does offer regular promotions, opting for low vig instead means you never have to look through them and find the right ones for you. Best of all, there are no playthrough requirements.

Ultimately, your best course of action is considering how much and how often you bet. High-volume gamblers are usually better off going with low juice since over time, the smaller vigorish will outweigh even the most generous bonuses. If you’re more of a sometime bettor, you might not wager enough to fully realise lower juice benefits. A welcome bonus would be more beneficial in that case.

Finally, remember it’s never only about the vigorish or promotions. You need to consider all aspects of a bookmaker before you place your bets.