The Important Points of the Best Online Casino Directory

Many players all around the world and in the USA search every day for a good online casino directory. A really good online casino directory should have a number of different information points, such as types of casinos, popularity, bonuses and promotions and restrictions.

When looking for an online casino directory make sure that the one that you choose involves all of the correct information, and that it is relevant to you and the country that you live in. There is no point in looking at an online casino directory for online casinos that are not in the USA or do not work in American Dollars.

Types of Online Casinos

A good online casino directory for casinos in the USA should include the various types of online casinos. Not every casino will offer the same kind of games, or the same kind of software. Some online casinos are designed to run purely on a mobile device, and thus their software and games have been scaled for a smaller screen and less processing power. These casinos often have a smaller game selection than full online casinos. Some online casinos have to be downloaded onto your computer or mobile device and thus require space and the time and data to do this. If you do not want to download anything, your online casino directory should have a list of no download online casinos as well.

Some online casinos work with real money, and some offer games for free money. Your online casino directory will need to distinguish between the two and state if a particular casino offers both.

Types of Games

When looking through casinos on your online casino directory, it should show very clearly what kind of games can be played in each casino. Some online or mobile casinos will specialise in a particular type or style of game, such as table games or slots. If you are only looking to play a particular kind of game for example like to play online roulette then you need to know which casino offers that game. Looking at a table game casino when you want to play slots will waste your time.

Bonuses and Promotions

On your list of online casinos in your online casino directory you should be able to see what kind of promotions and bonuses that they offer. Every casino available to players from the USA are vying to attract as many players as they can. To do this they will have a number of bonuses and promotions to both attract new players as well as keep existing players happy and loyal. Not all promotions and bonuses are the same, and not all will suit you, thus your directory will need to list them in exact detail.


A very good way of gauging how good a casino is by its popularity. If other players have tried it, and like it, the chances are that it is a good, safe casino. Good casinos will have a five star rating in a number of categories. A very important thing to look at is how good their customer service and safety is. Especially if you are playing with real money, this is of utmost importance.


Not all online and mobile casinos will accept players from the USA, due to national gambling laws. Your online casino directory must show which casinos accept players from which regions, and which currency they accept as well. There is no point in trying to play in a casino that does not accept American Dollars if that is what you work in.