Applying NRL 2016 Betting Odds with Our Guide!

The National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia is renowned for delivering high-calibre games and keeping the sport clean. Many patriots simply watch and enjoy the game, but there are plenty who enjoy putting money down on them as well. This requires analysis and understanding of several factors, and as punters become more experienced their appreciation for the beloved game should actually grow. One of the things that can really influence a payout is the odds on the game, and the NRL 2016 betting odds are no exception. To find out more about applying them and about wagering in general, read on below.

Some Basic Starting Pointers

As with all their games, there will be NRL 2016 betting odds on teams winning away, winning a home game, or drawing a match. The odds will fluctuate through the season, depending on player and team performance, injuries and several other factors, so punters need to pay careful attention to them. There are 2 basic things that can improve the chances of getting the best deal possible: to back a team early to get the most favourable odds and, if betting online, to open accounts at several reputable sites. This will allow bettors to look around and take advantage of the best odds on any given day.

The Best NRL 2016 Betting Odds

There are several wagers that can be made on NRL games, and some offer better odds than others. The more punters progress along their journey and develop their own strategies, the more they will know which ones work best for them and they should try to make a lot of those bets whether they offer the very best odds or not. In the beginning, however, it is definitely worth sticking to the wagers with the most understood odds and these are detailed here.

  • The simplest punts are head-to-head bets, where bettors just need to say which team they think will win. These usually take golden point results and extra time into consideration, and these online NRL betting odds will be set according to bookies’ own opinions, and what they thing public opinion is. Understanding them is as much a psychological exercise as anything else, and definitely gets easier over time.
  • Bookies usually get very creative with margin bets, which require punters to put money on the leading team’s margin at quarter, half or full time. This is usually quite tricky to do, and the NRL 2016 betting odds for these wagers should be quite long. If bettors manage to get reliable information about the margins, however, these can be incredibly rewarding.
  • For more advanced wagering, there are several exotic bets that require very specific predictions, such as which player will score the first try in a game. These can come as single bets, or as double or multi bets, which involve more than 1 event (also called a leg). In these multis and doubles, all predictions must come true to trigger a payout. For example, in a halftime/fulltime bet, punters need to say which team will be in the lead at half- and fulltime, and must be right in both cases to win money.

More NRL Betting Options

It’s also possible to place Futures bets on later events, such as punting on who will take the premiership at the beginning of the season. For those who really want to understand players and the NRL 2016 wagering odds before things kick off, building a fantasy league can be very helpful as well. This can provide entertainment and deeper insights.