Making The Difference Between Classic And Video Slots

Slots are by far some of the most popular casino games. The growing popularity of these games has determined the casino industry to come up with a wide variety of slots. They vary widely in gaming standards or winning odds, yet the mechanism behind them is unchanged. But under such conditions, choosing the right game to meet your necessities can be quite challenging. There are more types out there, yet two of them can definitely stand up in the crowd – classic slots and video slots. Progressive slots are quite popular too, yet they are far from the other categories.

Exploring Classic Slot Games

The first slot machines were invented at the end of the 19th century. Modern machines came out more than a decade later. They relied on cylinders, which were rotated after the player pulled a handle. Each cylinder had some symbols that were thoroughly mixed during the rotation. Once they stopped, they delivered a combination – successful or unsuccessful. Payments were made according to the winning combination.

However, these classic models are no longer available today. Land based casino slots have been enhanced with all kinds of technologies. They are more diversified than ever, but they also make it harder to cheat and make unfair money. The industry is more diversified online, only you have to use keys and the mouse to pull the handle. The good news about online slots is that they are more varied. You can find a plethora of themes and ideas out there, not to mention the winning combinations.

Understanding Video Slot Games

Unlike classic slots, video slots do not have any moving parts. Practically, the spin results will be calculated with sophisticated programs, as well as professional number generators. If you play video slots in a land based casino, you will still have to pull the handle. However, this movement is symbolic. After all, pressing a button would be more than enough.

Video slots come with a large display that introduces the lines and cylinders. Other than that, there are no major differences. These options are more popular online than offline. Players have the opportunity to play video slots from the comfort of their bedrooms or offices. Therefore, video slots are basically some video games that you play over your personal computer, tablet or smartphone. The online variety offers a multitude of extra functions and distinctive elements.

Finally, video slots are also popular due to the high quality graphics and sensational acoustic effects. A classic device from a land based casino will never come up with such things.


In the end, classic and video slots work by exactly the same principles, only the technologies behind them are more diversified. You can never play a classic slot game online though. Also, remember that both varieties can be progressive. Progressive slots are based on interconnected machines or games. The jackpot gathers from all of them, so it tends to reach unreal limits. Just like you have probably guessed already, the winning odds are quite low too, yet it depends on how lucky you are.