Explaining Grafton Cup Prelude for Online Bettors

Horse races provide Australians with some of their most enjoyable entertainments. They provide great social occasions, lots of enjoyable family fun, and a great opportunity for a bet or two, and a chance for a sizeable win. The famous races, such as the Melbourne Cup, are global sporting events, and the punters of the whole world are interested in placing bets on the places run in the race. But Australia, like all countries that enjoy horse racing, host many race meetings every year in the smaller towns and cities too, and these will give the race goer and the punter just as big a thrill in placing a bet.

Grafton is one of the smaller cities, whose Jockey Club, the Clarence River Jockey Club, hosts a most exciting and enjoyable racing carnival each year. The Jockey Club presents ten days of quality racing in a fine racing city, which is one reason that sets this carnival apart from other country events. This winter carnival has grown so much that it has now become one of the biggest country race meetings in the state, and excites enormous interest in its list of races among the whole of New South Wales, and other states of Australia as well.

Certainly the entrants to the outstanding races that form part of the carnival, come from all over Australia. For the ten days of the carnival, Grafton switches into festive mode, with a variety of racing functions that cater for all ages. Grafton is lucky in that it has a mild winter climate, and the city provides a country river style atmosphere, all of which contributes to what is termed the mecca of country racing in Australia.

Dates for the 2016 Winter Carnival

The 2016 winter racing carnival in Grafton is scheduled to take place between 7 July and 17 July, and there will be five important races run. One of these is the Grafton Cup Prelude, which is always run a few days before the main event, the Grafton Cup race. The very efficient Clarence River Jockey Club, which has been in existence since the first running of the Melbourne Cup, has already published the program for next year’s events.

The Grafton Prelude Cup will be run next year on the opening day of the carnival. This race is run over a distance of 2210 metres, and the winner will be awarded an automatic entry into the Grafton Cup race. Such is the quality of the horses entered for the Grafton Prelude Cup that the winner often does extremely well in the Grafton Cup too. Entry to the Grafton Prelude Cup day is always free.

Australia has a very Lively Racing Scene

The Australian racing scene is extremely busy, races take place every weekend, and during the week too. They generate a great amount of interest, and provide punters with endless opportunities for placing bets on the outcomes and places won in the races. The amount of internet betting has increased too, with many punters now finding out how easy and convenient it can be to place a bet on race or indulge in online political betting Australia without have to leave the house.

Horse races have always been some of the biggest sports events in the world, and they appeal to huge crowds of spectators. They become even more exciting when there is a financial interest in the outcome of the race.