European lottery

The History of the European Lottery

Lotteries flourished throughout Europe between the 15th and 17th centuries. One of the world’s oldest lotteries was instituted in Portugal, to raise funds to help the poor and meet the country’s debt payments. The Netherlands were another of the European countries to form a lottery, and that is still one of the world’s oldest lotteries still running. In those days the main purpose for creating a lottery was to replace that specific country’s funds, so that wars could be financed, and money could go towards construction of roads and buildings.

The history of the European lottery as we know it now, with full online and mobile presence and connectivity, obviously began its growth around 1994, and, most unsurprisingly was ushered in by the huge internet growth. The new European Lottery was additionally aimed at coinciding with the introduction of the single European currency, but was delayed a number of times before being launched ten years later.

Umbrella Organisation

In Europe, the umbrella organisation of national lotteries operating games of chance for the public benefit is called European Lotteries. This organisations’ aim is to bring together state-owned and private operators, both profit and non-profit, who operate on behalf of the state. The European Lottery promotes the sound and sustainable gaming model for the benefit of society, advance the collective interests of their members, the national lotteries operating games of chance for the public benefit.

The Top European Lottery List

Compared to some of the other lotteries, like the Euro Millions or the German Lotto, the Euro Jackpot is designed to pay out prizes much more frequently. That is because of the difference in the odds given.  The Euro Jackpot is 1 to 95 million, but the odds for the Euro Millions is 1 to one hundred and seventeen million, and the odds for the German Lotto odds are calculated at 1 to one hundred and thirty nine million. As a result, it is not anticipated that the Euro Jackpot will grow at the same rate to the record breaking sizes achieved by the Euro Millions Lottery, as the possibility exists of it being won much sooner instead.

While certain European countries participate in multi-nation lottery games, many also have their own individual games at Canadian mobile casinos. The major European Lottery games list would always include Eurojackpot, which was launched in March 2012 as the second pan-European lottery and offers a starting jackpot of €10 million. French Loto, the national French Lottery game, known as Loto, has been in operation since 1976 and gives players the chance to win a minimum jackpot of €2 million every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. German Lotto 6/49 is one of the biggest lottery games played in Germany and offers a minimum jackpot of €2 million in every draw. Irish Lotto is played every Wednesday and Saturday, and offers players a minimum jackpot of €2 million and also boasts four additional prizes in every draw. Italian Superenalotto is one of Italy’s most popular lottery draws with the largest jackpot won to date standing at a massive €177 million. Spanish El Gordo de Navidad was established in 1812, El Gordo de Navidad is one of the richest lotteries in the world with a prize pool in excess of €2 billion. The UK Lotto launched in 1994 and has an estimated starting jackpot of £2.5 million for the Wednesday draw and £5 million for a Saturday draw, as well as a minimum of 50 £20,000 raffle prizes in every draw.