Euro Cup betting

2016 Euro Cup Betting

The next Euro Cup football finals, or The Euros as it is known by many, will take place in 2016. As this tournament starts approaching, online bookies will begin to offer Euro Cup betting options to all punters. In terms of the Euro Cup betting odds and options that are typically available, punters have a great deal of choice. In fact, different online bookies might offer different bets or different odds to each other, so punters can certainly get hold the specific bet they are interested in.

The Euro Cup, or the UEFA European Championship, was founded in 1960, and Spain is the current title holder. In terms of the team with the most titles over the years that the tournament has been played, Germany and Spain are both on top. Both of these teams have won a total of three titles. While this might be worth remembering when looking at Euro Cup betting odds, at the end of the day it is theoretically possible for any of the teams that qualify to actually win the event.

The tournament allows 54 teams to be eligible for qualification, but the finals are competed amongst 24 teams.  Euro Cup betting will become available leading up to the tournament, but then new odds and new bets will be released as the tournament unfolds. For instance, at the beginning of the event, nobody really knows which two teams will make it to the final match. However, once the finalists have been decided, Euro Cup betting options will become available for that specific match.

Euro Cup Betting Options

Punters have a number bets available to them, when looking at the Euro Cup. For instance, punters can wager on which team they think will take the final victory. However, they might prefer to bet on which player they think will score the most goals in the final match, or which player will score the winning goal. All of these bets will have different odds associated with them. Punters might even decide that they would like to place a wager on a certain player that they think will be the top goal scorer over the duration of the entire tournament. All of these sports betting options will typically be available at for the 2016 finals.

History of the Euro Cup

The tournament is played every 4 years. As mentioned, Spain won the event in 2012, when it was hosted jointly by Poland and Ukraine. Spain won the final match by beating Italy 4-0 in the final. This final match was played in Kiev. The 2016 tournament will be hosted in France, and promises to be one of the biggest events yet. It is estimated that the 2012 Euro Cup was watched by a worldwide audience that reached up to 300 million people. As such, it can certainly be seen that this major football event has a huge fan base all around the world, event though the teams are limited to Europe. It is claimed to be the 2nd most watched football event globally, coming in second place of course to the massive Soccer World Cup.