Dungeons and Dragons Fortress Of Fortunes Slot Guide for Players

Over the past few years, online slots games developer, IGT, has established itself as a leader when it comes to creating games with unconventional themes for niche markets. They have done this yet again with Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fortunes, the follow up to their previous Dungeons and Dragons titles. The theme is based on a popular tabletop game filled with action and sorcery. The online slots game adaptation of it is no different, as players of the game are treated to an array of out of this world images and characters. Below, you will find everything you need to know about this particular variant of the casino game.

You can Pick a Character

Before you even begin playing the five reel, 20 payline online slots game, you get to pick a character for yourself to embody for the duration of the game. This in itself adds a nice touch to the game, as it is not often that players get to slip into a fictional character. Players can choose whether they want to be Raelym, Tordek or Varick. Whatever a player’s character selection may be, they will be decked out with shields and swords. Complementing the characters are of course, also symbols to match the theme of the game, including castles and dragons.

Tumbling Reels Feature

IGT has an exclusive feature that no other online slots game developer has, and its called tumbling reels. Essentially, what this means is that when a player spins a winning combination, the winning symbols will disappear. In so doing, the game allows for an increased chance of spinning winning combinations, as the leftover symbols tumble down and take the places of the winning ones. And as a result, the more a player wins, the more likely they are to win again, as the chances of securing winning combinations increase with every spin. Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fortunes has this feature included in it as well, so players can expect to be in for a rewarding journey.

Free Spins Bonus

Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fortunes by IGT also offers players the chance to win up to 180 free spins per game. By playing the Fortress Dungeon Exploration feature, where players will need to fight monsters in order to find their treasures, each slain monster will result in one free spin. Should a player find the precious gold chalice, they will be awarded even more free spins. But the free spins don’t stop there. There are plenty of other ways in which this extra feature can reward players; sometimes even with multiplications of up to 20 times their winnings. As long as the player is in the exploration feature, they are able to win free spins.

IGT has given the world of online slots games something truly unique with Dungeons and Dragons Fortress of Fortunes. Not only do players get to pick a character, but they also get to battle monsters and claim treasures, all the while reaping significant monetary rewards.