A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Craps Online

Craps is a game of dice, and while its beginnings are not certain it is thought that it might have been used by soldiers in the Roman Empire when they needed to pass the time during rest stops. What is known for certain is that it has been enjoyed for hundreds of years, and today it is played in land-based, online and mobile casinos all over the world.

The online and mobile games follow the same basic rules as the offline ones, with well-rendered graphics and random number generation used to recreate the same experiences that players have come to know and love, in a very immersive way.

Craps Basics for Beginners

Craps can seem simple at first, but it has myriad outcomes and subtle complexities. This is part of what has made the game such a favourite for so many years, and what makes it grow more entertaining as it is played more.

The game involves 2 dice being rolled on a demarcated table. Before the dice are thrown players need to bet on where they will land. Wagers are placed in both the Come Out and the Point Phases, which make up each round. With different areas on the game table representing different bets, and the 2-phase gameplay system, there are actually more than 40 possible outcomes.

The table’s right and left sides cover the Come/Don’t Come, Pass/Don’t Pass and Odds Bets, among others, and the centre is for Proposition Bets. These are also sometimes called Service Bets, and are resolved in a single roll of the dice.

Craps Strategy

As players get to know the game more and more, they’ll understand the bets more and know which are best suited to them. As a very basic starting point, it’s a good idea to establish the betting pattern of raising wagers when winning and lowering them when losing. This should be stuck to, and will bear the most fruit over time. The Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come line bets have a low house edge and a 50-50 chance of doubling up, so they’re best to start with. It’s also important not to quit directly after a win.

Once players have placed a line wager they’ll be allowed to make Odd Bets, which carry even smaller house edges at online casino UK. The other available stakes all have huge house edges so they are best avoided until players have more experience. The risks are definitely matched by the rewards, so it really just depends how lucky a player is feeling on a given day.

There are plenty of other strategies to discover online and try out, and the more insight players gain into the game of Craps, the more they will appreciate its sophistication. Investigating all of the different options and finding the ones they are most comfortable is very enjoyable, and is the first step to winning big. Playing and enjoying the game, and refining their tactics and strategies, is a lifelong pursuit for many individuals, who can attest to how much pleasure each stage has given them over time.