Coin Slot

The Origins of Coin Slot Machines

Coin slot machines were some of the first slot machine models to hit casino floors, allowing players to insert a coin of their choice to enjoy premium real money slots games in the hopes of a lucky reel combination. Charles Fey’s legendary Liberty Bell slot machine, invented in San Francisco in the late 19th century, and even earlier precursors to modern slot machines, such as those developed by Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York, featured a coin slot into which a player’s coin was accepted as the form of a real money wager with which to play. Even the term ‘slot machine’ was derived from the coin slot situated on each of these machines! The slot machine coin slot marks a golden age in history for the game of slots, whose consistent popularity has continued to ensure its addition to casino repertoires across the globe.

Traditional Meets Modern

Nowadays, the game of slots has evolved past Charles Fey’s incredible creation, offering players such exciting new slots platforms as video slots, online and even mobile slots games over the years. Online and mobile casino games, and indeed slots games, have become a thriving industry, with many busy players enjoying its versatile and mobile nature and the ability to enjoy great slots game action straight from the comfort of a variety of popular electronic devices. Such players can now enjoy virtual slots games that retain all the nostalgia of the original coin slot machines enjoyed by slots enthusiasts more than a century ago.

State-of-the-art graphic and animation technology has made it possible to offer online slots players games that have been designed to resemble traditional slot machines, right down to fine details such as the addition of a virtual machine coin slot for extra authenticity. These quality online games are available on a variety of different devices, including many personal computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones, for which specific compatible games and apps have been created to provide every player with a classic old-style coin slot game experience that works seamlessly alongside the powerful operating systems and high resolution screens of the modern devices of choice.

Online Coin Slot Game Benefits

These nostalgic coin slot machine games offer a number of unique benefits to online slots players. Apart from their great vintage appeal, these games allow players to play both free and real money game variants. Free games permit players of any level of skill to learn more about the ins and outs of slots, hone their player skills, brush up on their slots rules and betting strategies and even determine which quality game software styles they may like to play for real money wins in the future, while real money games give them the chance to cash in on big slots jackpots and experience the same exhilaration as players of the first coin slot machines did when being awarded an exciting cash payout.

Virtual coin slot machine games are not without their modern advantages. Players can fund their coin slot machine wagers conveniently from their devices of choice when opting to register for an online or mobile real money player account with their chosen slots casino. Registering for a player account may also attract a variety of enticing bonuses, including generous welcome bonuses, deposit and no deposit bonuses and free spins offers, ensuring that virtual coin slot machine players are rewarded just as much as the players of the first coin slot machines and then some when playing from the comfort and convenience of their internet-connected devices.