Bet on CS:GO

Rules for Those Who Wish to Bet on CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person, multiplayer, shooter video game that was developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. It is the fourth game to form part of the Counter-Strike franchise, and was initially released in August of 2012. The game has an award for eSports Game of the Year under its belt, and runs on the PlayStation 3; Linux; Microsoft Windows; Xbox 360; Mac; and Linux operating systems.

Those who wish to bet on CS:GO need to make sure that they understand the definitions for the words which are in use in this community, as failure to do so may result in egregious results for any wagers placed.

  • Value

The number that is associated with an item, and will depend on the value of the item in question and its rarity

  • Match

A game, or a series of games, that are played between two teams

  • Game

A particular fixture that occurs within a match

  • Defwin

Is a shortening of the terms default win, and is used to describe a win that was achieved in this manner

  • Forfeit

A forfeit, or ff, is assigned to a CS:GO team that for whatever reason does not choose to take part in the remaining games of a match

Those who choose to bet on CS:GO matches must understand that by doing so they automatically agree to the rules and regulations governing these that the site at which they are betting enforces. A careful review of these is always recommended, and, if the bettor takes exception to any part of these, he or she should not attempt to lay wagers at the site at which these rules and regulations stand.

The CS:GO Betting General Rules

The general rules when it comes to the question of how to bet on CS:GO all revolve around the bettor confirming that he or she is in accordance with their country’s laws regarding the practice of skin-betting. Most usually the age-limit governing the ability to bet on CS:GO games is 18, but it is imperative that bettors confirm that this is so. Sites have the right to request documentation confirming the bettor’s age before any wagers can be placed.

Starting to Bet on CS:GO Matches

Individuals who are interested in CS:GO betting online in Australia are advised to do thorough research on all its aspects before they begin, as this practice will only increase the likelihood of their wagers being successful. There are a good many guides to this kind of betting available online at, and many forums where the ins and outs of this pastime are discussed in full and explained, but it is up to the bettor to take the initiative and ensure that he or she is under no illusions to the potential rewards; necessary requirements; and overall practices of this pastime.

Thanks to how popular betting on CS:GO is, it is becoming far more widely available at reputable, trustworthy sportsbooks, and eSports betting holds no dangers in terms of identity theft or any kind of compromise regarding the bettor’s sensitive personal and financial information.