A Closer Look at AFL 2016 Betting Odds

For almost every Australian, the Australian Football League (or AFL) is a special source of national pride. The Australian Rules football events are among the most watched and attended throughout the country, and the most wagered on as well. Both novice and advanced punters will enjoy the AFL specials that the country’s top bookmakers have on offer, and everyone should check the AFL 2016 betting odds carefully before putting any money down.

A Few Basic Pointers

It’s always a good idea to check out and register with a few sportsbooks, which is especially easy if punting online, to make sure to take advantage of the best AFL 2016 betting odds possible on any given day. Because online sites are in such heavy competition with each other they should have great AFL 2016 betting odds and bonus promotions to swell betting accounts even more, and taking the time to check out the best options is very strongly advised. For land-based punters this could be a little more difficult, but they should still try to check out as many local betting shops as they can before they decide where they want to bet.

If bettors are using online sites for AFL Grand Final betting at, they should make sure that the sites work for them in practical ways, such as having customer support teams that are available at times when they are likely to need them and via suitable communication channels. Banking options should also be easy and secure, so that visitors can focus on the wagers they are making.

Beginning punters might wish to start with simple bets on the results of a specific match or of the entire tournament. The odds and ladder, as well as any specific game tips, should be checked with different trusted sources and even online chatrooms, to decide which teams to back. As punters become more experienced and familiar with different teams, they will get to know individual players more and can place wagers on their performances and decide how much money to put down based on a specific team line-up.

More complicated wagers should also be considered as punters become more confident, such as bringing all wagers together on 1 ticket in a multiple bet. This has much greater reward because all odds are multiplied together in the payouts, but much greater risk as well because every bet has to win before anything is paid out at all.  When bettors know what they are doing, they can weigh up the odds of each situation and use multiple tickets if they feel sure of their picks. This should happen quite naturally as they check out all the information on AFL 2016 betting odds, player performances and recent team history.

Keeping a Clear Head

It is also worth noting and remembering that, because Australians are passionate and loyal, they often develop sentimental attachments to specific AFL teams. While rooting for a favourite is not a problem, betting on them when they are likely to lose is. Punters should stay mindful of this and check out the AFL 2016 betting odds and other factors mentioned above, from sites and guides that they feel they can trust, and place their bets according to what they say.