Should You Be Taking Advice from Tipsters?

Many punters who are just getting into the online betting scene often wonder if it is a good idea to take advice from tipsters. There are many contradicting arguments when it comes to tipsters and their interests. Some believe that if an advisory service was any good, they would simply not need to sell advice in the first place.

On the other hand, statistics show that over 80% of new gamblers fail to make a profit over a long-term period. While backing someone else’s tips does take the fun out of betting, there are a few reasons why the use of an advisory service can be beneficial, at least for some. Read More →

Phar Lap- Australia’s Greatest Racehorse

Phar Lap was arguably the greatest racehorse in Australia’s history, not only did he race, and win, a huge number of group one races, but he captured the hearts of the Australian public during an incredibly difficult time in their history.

Phar Lap was foaled during the great depression and ran his first race as a two year old, when many people were struggling to survive. He was such a successful horse that betting on him was such a sure thing, and helped a large part of the population to make some desperately needed money. Read More →

Tablet Casino Gaming Online

When it comes to the topic of online casino gaming there are few platforms that beat the smart phone for ability to play and engage with these options. However the tablet perhaps offers players even more in this industry than the phones and this is why focuses its casino gaming toward a rather specific form of tablet platform.

With this mobile device players of Australia can explore and play all sorts of different online casino games and run them across the tablet platform with ease and fluidity. This makes playing these games considerably more engaging and fun. Read More →

Online Spread Betting in New Zealand

The financial markets offered by some online bookmakers that welcome Kiwi punters allow for a type of betting known as spread betting. Punters bet on the movement of particular assets or markets.

Punters’ bets do not go anywhere near the markets concerned. There is no buying of shares or investing or anything of that nature. Punters can think of it as being similar to sports betting, except certain assets or markets are the players, not athletes. Read More →

Guide to Sports Betting Sites for NZ

Most punters will be aware of the strict legislation that has been placing on the betting industry in New Zealand. All betting outlets, on and offline, are administered by the Department of Internal Affairs and the New Zealand Racing Board, and thus options are limited.

While there are over 600 TAB outlets across the country, most punters prefer to place wagers from the comfort of their home and enjoy online sports betting sites. However, there is only one authorized online sportsbook in the country, which can be limiting; so many Kiwi punters are using offshore sportsbooks.

Fortunately for punters in New Zealand, at this point there is no legislature preventing them from doing so, and there is no fine or penalty imposed. Read More →

The Importance Of Bloodlines In Racing

As the old adage goes, breeding isn’t everything. Admittedly that is completely true, a well-bred horse with proven lines is not by any means guaranteed to win any races, or run better than the horse next to him. On the other hand, bloodlines cannot be discounted either, as although they do not guarantee an outcome they definitely do play a part.

Know Your Lines

Certain lines in Australian thoroughbreds have produced winners again and again. A bit of research on the Internet before a race will easily tell you what lines each horse comes from. Dam lines are as important as sire lines, if not more so. Recently it has been proven that a foal gets 75% of its makeup from its dam or mother, and 25% from its sire or father. Historically breeders and punters have placed more importance on the sires of racehorses, but more and more people in the industry are noting the influence of the dam lines. Read More →

All About Bitcoin

Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, and made waves around the online world as the first virtual currency that was worth large sums of real money, and is still widely used today.

Although no one is sure who truly created Bitcoin, it quickly became an economic phenomenon, and changed the way currency and finance worked in many parts of the world.

Bitcoin is completely electronic, meaning it is created and stored online, and there is no physical representation of the currency, making it truly unique. Read More →

Online Casinos For Real Money In The USA

Players from the USA are still accepted by certain online casinos, even with the unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which was passed in 2006. With the arrival of this legislature it has become tricky to select an online casino for real money USA that suits your gaming needs and upheld to online casino standards.

Flash Versus Viper Casino Software

There are two possibilities to consider when selecting an online casino for real money USA. Players will need to decide whether the Flash or Download version of the casino would be more suitable for game play and overall experience. Read More →

The Best Online Casino Directory

Many players all around the world and in the USA search every day for a good online casino directory. A really good online casino directory should have a number of different information points, such as types of casinos, popularity, bonuses and promotions and restrictions.

When looking for an online casino directory make sure that the one that you choose involves all of the correct information, and that it is relevant to you and the country that you live in. There is no point in looking at an online casino directory for online casinos that are not in the USA or do not work in American Dollars. Read More →

Online Casino Bonus No Deposit Required Explained

Many players in the USA aren’t sure what online casino no deposit required offers are, because such an offer sounds too good to be true. There’s no need for disbelief, because such offers are made by casinos on a regular basis.

They are usually introductory promotions, made with the intention of allowing players to explore the games available at the casino, and to find out what it’s like playing those games for real money.

Also known as no deposit bonuses, they do come with terms and conditions, which vary from casino to casino. Players should never accept a bonus if they have not first read the terms and conditions. Read More →